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Here at Premier, we are passionate about helping you keep up to date with what's going on around our world but it's not just awareness that we want to provide. We want to help the UK church know how to pray into the various issues affecting our world. Whether it's the street preacher arrested by police, the latest laws going through parliament or the many cases of persecution found in places like China or North Korea - we report on the news stories you need to know about.

The Bishop of Manchester Rt Rev David Walker says he loves being invited to comment on news stories for Premier as he says we're the only media organisation which allows him to pray about the issue he's talking about. How amazing is that?

Finding news stories is never difficult - there's so much going on in our world which we need to shine light on and we have endless contacts of MPs, charity bosses or church leaders who are ready to give their verdict. Because of our reputation for our news, over the years we’ve also been given access to Prime Ministers and other senior politicians who want to use us to get their messages to you. 

Our biggest task is making sure we are telling these stories in the best way possible across our different platforms. We are blessed that we can inform you through our three radio stations - whether it's our hourly bulletins or our News Hour weekday programme on Premier Christian Radio. We are able to analyse the news through our magazines; Premier Christianity, Premier Woman Alive and Premier Youth and Children's Work. But increasingly, more and more people are accessing our news through our website. Over the last 12 months record numbers of people have visited Premier’s  news pages, amounting to 6 million views.

The demand is huge - we know people here in the UK (and more and more joining us from around the world) want to get a Christian perspective on the news of the day and also want to know about stories directly affecting their faith.

That's why we want to continue growing what we're doing through our news output here at Premier.

As we enter a new year Premier is delighted to be launching a brand new website dedicated to Christian news where you will be able to access hundreds of stories, videos and blogs every month.

Every story you read will be accompanied by a prayer, encouraging you to respond instantly on hearing the need. You’ll even be able to click a button to show us and other readers that you’re praying too.

The site is really easy to use, is accessible on your mobile phone and will give you access to more content that ever before. What’s more – it’s totally free. No subscription costs, no need to sign up – we want our news to be accessible to everyone.

Alongside the new website, you’ll still be able to access our stories through our daily news email, which delivers five news stories from a Christian perspective into your email inbox every single morning, through our social media and now also through WhatsApp.

We are really excited about what’s to come through our team of journalists and this new development especially at a time when so many media organisations are cutting back on news. Budgets are drying up meaning you're less likely to find quality journalism elsewhere. But for us to keep doing what we're doing we do need your help. Would you consider helping us continue this great work? We want to keep growing so please tell your friends and family where they can find us, sign up to our daily news email and if you want to support us financially - click donate at the top of this page.

We’re living in perilous times and it’s more important than ever for us to have faith in good news. I hope you can join us on this exciting new journey.

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