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Meet the Team

Cara Bentley

Cara has been a journalist and news presenter on Premier's three stations since 2017, when she graduated from City University with an MA in Broadcast Journalism. She loves politics and ale. 

Eno Adeogun

Eno was working as a TV presenter and journalist in Nigeria for four years before joining Premier in 2017. She's used to relocating having previously worked as a journalist in the UK and US. While most of her spare time is taken up with entertaining her toddler and newborn, she still finds time to watch documentaries, read novels and plan how she's going to start exercising again. She's still working on the latter.

Heather Preston

Heather joined Premier in 2019. With an extensive background in video production and presenting, Heather has produced content for the likes of Spring Harvest, the Bible Society and the BBC. She likes a good debate, hates cold weather and loves all things Musical Theatre.

Marcus Jones

Marcus joined Premier in 2008 after graduating with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Of the thousands of interviews he’s conducted since, some of the highlights include Prime Minister Boris Johnson and world champion boxer Tyson Fury. Marcus is not the MP for Nuneaton, has never played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers American Football team and has no interest in mixed martial arts.

Ruth Sax

Ruth joined Premier in 2019 having previously worked in TV production and commercial radio news. She’s a journalist and storyteller. When she’s not reading the news on the radio or finding stories she enjoys going on adventures, running the odd marathon and eating cake.

Tola Mbakwe

Tola Mbakwe joined Premier as multimedia journalist in 2017. Tola has a background in TV news spending four years as a reporter for an ABC News affiliate in Virginia, USA before moving to the UK. When she’s not working she spends her time catching up with friends and family across the pond, snuggling with her toddler, travelling with family and binge-watching shows on Netflix. 

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