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People have nowhere to go and are 'drinking sea water', Christian Middle East charity says

by Premier Journalist

A director of Christian development charity, Embrace the Middle East, says aid efforts currently have no way to Gaza, but has called Christians to seek out the inspiring stories of believers there, who are serving fellow sufferers in the conflict.

The charity's Director of Programmes, Partnerships and Advocacy, Jamie Eyre, told Premier its "absolutely essential" to pray for the Christians left in Gaza. Information is proving increasingly difficult to pass on with very few phone and lines and internet sources remaining.

"So we know of at least eight people who's homes have been destroyed, and people are in fear, it is really, really difficult. And there's nowhere to go. Where can you leave to if there are no safe corridors?

"We know that people are sheltering in church, and there's two churches in Kansas City that have around 800 Christians sheltering there, we know there are four or five or even 6,000 people sheltering in other Christian institutions. And they're mainly Muslims who are being served by their neighbours. So we can pray for these people. And there'll be an event coming up, we hope on Sunday, where people can go and pray here together in central London."

Eyre says all partners that the charity are in contact with have fled their homes, unable to go anywhere safe or access aid, which is currently behind a closed Egyptian border. He says there is literally nowhere for people to go.  

"Our partners are asking us to pray and ask for humanitarian corridors so they can move safely. But also where are you going to move to if there are currently no safe zones? There is a real need for that as well."

An appeal on the charity's website enables people to give financially. Eyre also urged people to seek out the stories of Christians in the region via the website.

When asked how he is praying currently, Eyre told Premier: "I think we shouldn't forget that there are somewhere in the region of 250 people who need to be released. So we need to pray for the negotiations. That it happens as soon as possible.

"We need to pray that there are negotiations to bring this to a conclusion. And for access for humanitarian supplies. It sounds like there'll be some presidential announcement from Joe Biden tomorrow. 

"We pray and hope that that will bring some humanitarian access to allow supplies and resources in. At the moment partners are stockpiling, but they can't get them there. So we need to see that change."

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