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American actor criticises coverage of Sri Lanka attacks and says politicians aren't calling victims 'Christian'

by Cara Bentley

She also pointed out that many politicians are seemingly avoiding using the word 'Christian', by retweeting screenshots of tweets by Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and Julian Castro referring to the victims as 'Easter worshippers'.

Her main concern was that Special counsel Robert Mueller was approached by a reporter from US channel MSNBC as he was getting in his car on Sunday, asking him about whether he will testify before Congress about his report into potential collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia in the 2016 election.

The lawyer was asked to do an investigation into the matter but found no interference. However, Mueller did say that it was a difficult decision not to charge Trump with obstructing the justice process because of his attempts to get rid of people investigating him.

In response to the reporter's questions, Mueller replied: "No comment" and got in his car, which was followed by the reporter back in the studio saying; "I think it's accurate to characterise the Director Mueller today as 'tight-lipped' in response to my questions!"

Christian actor Heaton said: "Today is Easter Sunday, the holiest day of the Christian calendar. Some of the faithful were murdered today while they worshiped. But you ambush Robert Mueller outside of his church and chuckle about it afterward. This is loathesome. Shame on you."

One comment read: "Embarrassing approach. Looks like a TMZ ambush. I support MSNBC but this is embarrassing", with others saying "Not the time, not the place."

Another disagreed, saying: "Well done msnbc! Just hard hitting reporting that we have come to expect from you. Keep it up"

On Easter Sunday, churches were targetted as part of bomb attacks across Sri Lanka, with 150 victims from St Sebastian's church in Negombo. 

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