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Greece: "People are removing their money from the bank"

by Desmond Busteed

Eurozone finance ministers are meeting to discuss whether or not to accept a Greek request for a six-month bridging loan, to stop the country from running out of money.

Speaking on Premier's 'News Hour', Revd Canon Malcolm Bradshaw, Senior Chaplain, at the Anglican Church in Athens said: There's a considerable degree of insecurity which is on the streets at the moment.

"People are removing their money from the bank. There's lots of discussion that's taking place and people are tuned to their televisions and radios."

Germany's already suggested Greece's latest bailout application it should be rejected, with ministers saying it comes without tough austerity conditions that are needed.

However, Greece's finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis has said he is still hopeful of a deal being done with the EU over a bailout plan.

Mr Varoufakis was remaining optimistic before entering the crunch talks, saying he was hoping to see some white smoke by the end of the day, a reference to the method used to signify the election of a new Pope at the Vatican.

The formal Greek request pledged to honour all Greek debts and not take unilateral action that would undermine agreed fiscal targets.

The government blames the conditions attached to its €240bn (£178bn) bailout of hampering the country's recovery and leading to a deterioration of living standards.

Unemployment remains at more than 25%.

Revd Canon Malcolm Bradshaw, Senior Chaplain, Anglican Church, Athens:

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