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Christian brothers given hefty fines for carrying Bibles in their car

by Tola Mbakwe

The Church (known by its French acronym, EPA) said in a statement that it denounces the "intimidation" of Nouredine and Belabbes Khalil.

According to World Watch Monitor, the men were each fined 100,000 dinar (US $900) on 8th March in an appeal hearing.

In December 2017, they were originally sentenced to two years in prison each and a 50,000-dinar fine ($450).

Three years ago police stopped their car on the road and found 56 Bibles in the vehicle. The Khalils were interrogated about where the Bibles came from and what they were going to do with them. They told authorities that the books were for their church community, which Nouredine leads.

Police released the men and returned the Bibles, but the incident was still referred to a prosecutor who took legal action against them.

The men were convicted under a law which bans the printing, storing and distribution of materials intended to "shake the faith" of a Muslim.

The EPA has provided a group of lawyers to the brothers to make a further appeal against the recent verdict.

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