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Camel escapes live nativity scene causing chaos in Kansas City

by Kelly Valencia
CAMEL.PNG - Banner image
Joli Renfro

A Camel has caused chaos in the US state of Kansas, after breaking free from the nativity it was taking part in.

The animal managed to evade police for 24 hours after performing at the drive-thru play at the National Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame in Kansas City.

The camel was chased through golf courses and was even spotted going for a stroll in the K7 highway.

Speaking about the camel run, the Police Department has described the incident as something out of “another cop movie”.

“Officers and Animal Control spent Sunday chasing a loose camel throughout the city. It began on golf carts at Sunflower Hills golf Course where officers commandeered a golf cart police movie style. However, we learned camels can run 40mph and it got away.”

Locals have taken to calling him 'Forrest Hump' with many taking photos as he made his way round the neighbourhood.

Holly Renfro said on Facebook: Look what my daughter, Joli & her friend saw today!!! #kansascamel (video credit: Joli Renfro)

Another Facebook user said: "Camel gone wild!!"

Police said the animal sustained some minor cuts as a result of breaking through fences and barbed wire was largely unhurt and returned to its owner.

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