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Cadbury faces social media backlash over Easter eggs

by Antony Bushfield

'Shame on you' said one customer in a tweet to the company.

The brand has removed the title of the Christian festival from the front of the packaging on its Easter products like eggs.

It was forced to send hundreds of replies to irate shoppers demanding to know why Cadbury had dropped the word.

"We haven't removed the word 'Easter' from our product, it's on the back!" Said one tweet.

Another customer said: "Won't be buying any Cadbury products anymore. They removed references to Easter."

Cadbury also faced criticism for stating its products were Halal - when food is suitable for Muslims.

The retailer replied: "None of our UK products are Halal Certified, but they are still suitable for those on a Halal diet."

David Marshall, CEO of Meaningful Chocolate, said: "We are not sure if other manufacturers feel the word 'Easter' is too religious to be used on their products and so are trying to remove it or hide it away.

"But it is clear that the general public want their eggs to be Easter Eggs - a bit of a relief given the name of ours!"

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