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Bishop of London Queen's prayer service
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'She gave her allegiance to God before anyone gave their allegiance to her': Bishop of London reflects at Queen's St Paul's prayer service

by Sophie Drew

Bishop of London, Dame Sarah Mullally has reflected on Her Majesty's faith when speaking to well-wishers and politicians at St Paul's Cathedral in a public prayer service. 

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, government ministers and 2,000 members of the public came together at the London place of worship, to pay tribute to the monarch. 

Following a reading of Pauls letter to the Romans - given by newly-appointed Prime Minister Liz Truss - Rt Rev Mullally described the Queen's faith as an "anchor" and a "fountain" - sentiments she previously stated when speaking about her love of Christ. 

The Bishop of London said: "Her Majesty had a remarkable Christian faith, about which she had increasingly spoken in recent years, referring to Jesus Christ as her anchor and role model.  

"Here in this Cathedral Church on the 3rd of June, we joined to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee. 

"The Archbishop of York spoke of her faith in Jesus Christ as a fountain and a well from which she drew deeply, and by which she was replenished through all the challenges and joys of her life

"If Christ was her anchor, her husband, the late Prince Philip was, in her own words, Her Majesty's 'strength and stay'. 

"Yet even in the depths of her own mourning we saw once again her courage and her instinct for putting the needs of others first.

"At her Coronation all those years ago, at the age of twenty-seven, she walked up the aisle of Westminster Abbey straight past the throne and knelt at the high altar in silent prayer. 

"She gave her allegiance to God before anyone gave their allegiance to her. 

"The depth, breadth and generosity of Her Majesty's self-giving in service was an extraordinary gift. 

"I am certain it has gladdened God's heart. "

The bishop described the Queen as "the nations unerring heartbeat through times of progress, joy and celebration, as well as in much darker and more difficult seasons."

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